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Kryptek Forms Strategic Partnership with Boyt Harness Company

Kryptek Forms Strategic Partnership with Boyt Harness Company

Focusing on distribution and sales for the United States, Canada, and Mexico

“Battlefield to Backcountry” truly captures the soul and fiber of the Kryptek Outdoor Group. Kryptek has the only family of Camouflage patterns extensively tested by the U.S. Department of Defense, selectively used by U.S. and Coalition Special Operations units, and available to hunters at retail stores around the globe. In light of Kryptek’s global momentum, they have formed a strategic Partnership with Boyt Harness Company. Boyt will facilitate Kryptek’s distribution in North America, focusing on the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Boyt Harness Company has been in continuous operations since 1901, with 117 years of distinguished company history. Like Kryptek, Boyt shares common ground of product supporting U.S. military forces. In addition, the Boyt Harness Company family of brands includes Bob Allen, Mud River Dog Products, Rattlers, Secure Vault, Bug Out and The Outdoor Connection.

“Boyt not only has an immense amount of experience, knowledge, and sophistication, but more importantly they also have unquestionable integrity, honor, and an outstanding reputation within the industry. When you couple these attributes together, they are the ideal partner for the Kryptek brand! When you pair Kryptek’s brand momentum with Boyt’s sage logistic capability to get product into the hands of retailers on time, with precision, it is an ideal relationship!

We are also excited about utilizing Boyt’s manufacturing expertise to further enhance the Kryptek Gun Case and shooting accessory programs. This is Boyt’s center of gravity and their involvement will accelerate the commercialization of industry leading Kryptek product.”

-Butch Whiting, CEO of Kryptek

Boyt will work hand in hand with Kryptek sales representatives, the Evans Group, for the Continental United States and Canada while standing up distributors in Mexico. Boyt will assist Kryptek by providing retailers customer service with their proven, world class model, enhancing the Kryptek Brand experience.

“Kryptek is a unique brand in the outdoor industry. They have penetration into the hunting market, shooting sports, tactical, and lifestyle, all at the same time, very similar to Boyt’s existing distribution model.”

“I have watched their rapid growth, and appreciate the strong authenticity and credibility of the brand.¬†We look forward to assisting Kryptek in the trajectory that they have established.”

-Tony Caligiuri, President of Boyt Harness Company