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Mud River welcomes Dr. B!

Mud River is proud to announce that they have partnered with Dr. B to share veterinary tips on social media. Be sure to follow Mud River on social media to hear the latest tips from Dr. B.

With every passing year, social media is continuously growing and making improvements to its platforms. Why? To get more industry professionals like Dr. B to join of course. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great starting points for people who are new to this idea to begin building their profile. Some people even decide to use an instagram growth service, like the one you can find at Nitreo, if they want to grow their audience and reach out to more followers. And when your niche is helping your favorite fur animals to stay healthy, or to diagnose a problem, doing so on social media could help you to get an answer quicker.

As well as looking for important advice, social media can also be used to follow the journeys of people who inspire us, and if you dream of having a career in Veterinary Medicine, then following Dr. B in her own working life could help to give you the inspiration you need to make the leap yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Join social media now.

Amanda Burow, D.V.M. (Dr. B), is a graduate of Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Burow’s patient list includes hunting dogs of all varieties, as well as several field trial dogs and full time sporting guide dogs. In addition to practicing general veterinary medicine, she has special interest in the areas of preventive care, emergency medicine, and dermatology. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors and on the lake, staying active, reading, and spending time with family and friends.