Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover

4.30 out of 5
(10 customer reviews)


  • Size: M (32″ x 23″ x 25″), L (36″ x 26″ x 26″), L-Extended (37″ x 26″ x 28.5″) & XL (40″ x 28.5″ x 30″)
  • Color: Brown, Bottomland and Habitat
  • MicroLite3 insulation
  • Two-ply heavy-duty poly exterior shell
  • Dual top carry handles
  • Four D-rings for tie down
  • Rubber mesh windows
  • Removable window flaps
  • Multiple accessory/storage pockets
  • Industrial rubber, non-skid bottom
  • How to clean your Mud River Dog Products:
    Spray or hose off and lay out flat to dry. It is NEVER recommended to put the products in the washer or dryer.
  • Kennel covers are not chemically treated to prevent fading. To prevent/minimize fading do not leave the kennel cover exposed to the sun/elements when not in use. Fading is not a manufacturer defect as it does not affect the functionality of the kennel cover.


Residents of California – Proposition 65 WARNING

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M (32" x 23" x 25"), L (36" x 26" x 26"), L-Extended (37" x 26" x 28.5"), XL (40" x 28.5" x 30")


Brown, Bottomland, Habitat

10 reviews for Mud River Dixie Insulated Kennel Cover

  1. 5 out of 5

    Charles M. (verified owner)

  2. 5 out of 5

    Clark R. (verified owner)

  3. 5 out of 5

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick shipping makes warm and happy dogs!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Jared Q. (verified owner)

    Lots of accessory pockets and keeps dog warm!

  5. 3 out of 5

    Brad Peeler

    The kennel cover is very well made. It has plenty of pockets which I like that and mine hasn’t faded at all. The only problem I have with it are the d-rings on top, when I ratchet strap it down in the bed of my truck the d-ring separates. I called and they told me that’s the first they ever heard of that so I sent my original one back and they sent me another one and it to had the same problem.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Jason W

    Bought one of these about four months ago and really like it. Cover is very well made. My dog rides in the back seat area of my F150 SuperCrew and this cover well suited for that type of use. The storage pockets make it easy to put all of my “dog stuff” in one place and makes loading the truck for a hunt that much easier. I’ve had her in the parked truck for a couple of hours in 10 degree weather and found her cozy and warm when I unzipped the cover.

  7. 3 out of 5

    Eric M.

    I have owned and used the same cover for years and have found equal parts good and bad for it. First off, it took me three different orders to find the right size kennel to fit in the cover I purchased. It would be helpful if recommendations could be made on best kennels for each size. Secondly, I feel like the insulation is not thick enough. I have never tested it in 20-degree winter with my dog inside to see what the internal temperature is, but my gut tells me it would not be that much higher. Third, it frays and has a lot of strings that come out, leading me to believe holes in the seams will not be long to follow. And lastly, the fading; this cover fades in a matter of months and I don’t know if it also has a deteriorating effect on the material/insulation. But despite those things, the cover is great, has held up well, looks great with the right size kennel, and the none-skid bottom is top-notch.

  8. 5 out of 5


    I bought the Mud River Insulated Kennel Cover to use with my Ruff Tough Kennel (RTK) two years ago to keep my two year old Springer in my SUV or my hunting partners covered pickup rather than bringing him into motels while pheasant hunting during November, December and January. I hunt in SD, ND, Iowa, and Minnesota and the temperature often drops below freezing. For example, while hunting in South Dakota last week, the temp dropped to 10 degrees at night, but he was toasty warm and well-rested the next morning – and ready to hunt! Both of us sleep better because he sleeps in the vehicle! The combination of the RTK and the Mud River Insulated Kennel Cover are the two best investments I made for my dog (and for me!). On a scale of 1 to 5, this Kennel Cover is a 10!

  9. 2 out of 5

    Timothy Arnold

    I bought two of these about a year and a half ago because I travel with my dog a fair amount and want to make sure they were well take care of. They work great and the quality is good but there is one thing you need to be aware of , they fade badly and will change colors. Now those beautiful brown cover are now turning pink and the other on is turning green. I call the company and their response was too bad, we can’t do anything about it.

  10. 5 out of 5


    Very great product! Received two days after order. Very good quality strong material zippers are heavy duty. If your on the edge about the product you will not be disappointed!

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Q: Will the large extended fit on a gunner intermediate kennel??
— Asked by Troy Zachary on July 31, 2020
A: Troy, There is a link above in the description that lets you know what size covers fit a variety of cases. That way you know you are getting the right cover or if a cover will even fit the kennel you have. Thanks, Lori
— http://Customer%20Service
Q: I have a Dakota 283 you have sizing information for that line of crates? Thank you!
— Asked by Mark on October 28, 2018
A: Hi Mark, Here is what information I could find regarding your question. Hope it is helpful for you. Dakota 283 : G3 Medium: 29” x 20.5” x 24.5” - our Large Standard Dakota 283 : G3 Large: 33” x 23” x 25.5” - our extended large Dakota 283 : G3 XL: 36” x 24” x 28.5” - our XL
— http://Customer%20Service
Q: What is the warranty of the cover? How strong are the rings for tie down? Will they rip easily from cover?
— Asked by Mike johnson on February 10, 2021
A: Mike, Our Mud River products have a 1 year warranty. I have not heard of any issues with the rings for tie downs. Thanks, Lori
— http://Customer%20Service
Q: I have a pet porter 32x22.5x24 & bought the medium insulated kennel cover & cant get it to fit. Are there directions?
— Asked by Shawn on February 25, 2019
A: Shawn I have sent you a direct email to help with this situation. Thanks Lori
— http://Customer%20Service
Q: I have just received the med size cover. My box is within the dimensions. We cannot get the cover over the kennel. Any suggestions?
— Asked by Chad berardo on January 2, 2020
A: Chad, I would click on the link above that correlates the size of kennel cover you have to the brand. Thanks, Lori
— http://Customer%20Service
Q: I have just received the med size cover. My box is within the dimensions. We cannot get the cove over hothead kennell. Any suggestions?
— Asked by Kenneth on March 8, 2018
A: Hi Kenneth, We have just sent you a direct email. If you have any further questions please let us know. Thank you, Briana
Q: I am looking at Impact aluminum crates 30” or 30” tall size. I have a Large and an Extended Large Dixie cover for cheap plastic crates but am looking for safer kennels. Do you know anything about sizing of covers for the Impact Dog Crates? Thanks
— Asked by Tracy Brush on April 16, 2020
A: Tracy, I do not have information on that crate brand. I would like to note that Mud River does not warranty kennel covers used on wire crates. They will eventually wear the cover in the corners. Thanks, Lori
— http://Customer%20Service
Q: What’s the recommended safe temperature range to have the dogs on the freeway in the back of an open pickup bed with these insulated kennel covers?
— Asked by Bryan on May 19, 2020
A: Bryan, Regarding the ideal temperature for the kennel covers. There are a lot of factors that go into this , if your dog has been working, temperature, is the sun out, humidity, wind etc. are you using the cover in the open bed of a truck, in the back of an SUV , etc? It is something you really need to think about before using the cover each time. Basically the insulated cover will keep the temp inside the kennel 20-40 degrees warmer than outside air temperature, depending on the factors I mentioned above. I am not going to give a temp range for use of this, but I will say typically a good rule of thumb would be to use the insulated cover in the winter, and by winter I mean a SD winter not a mild MS winter. This is not to say you can't use the insulated cover if you live in the South. Our Brand Manager lives in AR and uses it during the winter and knows plenty of people in the Southeast who utilize these covers** Keep in mind on the insulated ( and uninsulated) cover, even during the winter, depending on using in a temp controlled environment and above factors, you may take the windows off to allow air flow, or leave the door open. I would say it would need to be pretty cold ( windy, dog resting not hot from running, in open cab of truck) etc, where you would consider having the kennel cover fully closed. You could think of the insulated cover like a ski jacket or winter coat and the uninsulated cover as a wind breaker. .
— http://Customer%20Service
Q: Is this crate cover machine washable?
— Asked by Robert Blecha on May 20, 2018
A: Hi Robert, to clean your kennel cover, spray or hose off and lay out flat to dry. It is NEVER recommended to put the products in the washer or dryer.
— http://Jennifer%20Watson
Q: Have you tried the covers with any of the wire kennels? I like them in the hot weather but would like to cover them in the winter.
— Asked by Doug on April 25, 2018
A: Hi Doug, there are a couple of of wire kennels that we know are compatible with our Kennel Covers. **Midwest Life Stages ™ Midwest Life Stages 1630 : 30” 30 x 21 x 24 - Extended Large Kennel Cover Midwest Life Stages 1636 : 36” 36 x 24 x 27 - XL Kennel Cover Please note: Mud River does not warranty kennel covers used on wire crates. They will eventually wear the cover in the corners. However, to help with the wear and tear on the top edges of the wire crate you can buy the pipe insulation at a hardware store that has a slit in it already and put around the top corners of the wire crates. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
— http://Jennifer%20Watson
Q: Hello, I have two Petmate kennels ( Navigator) they are 38"L x 25"W x 29"H. Looks like I would require your extra large cover. Have you tried them with a PetMate carrier?
— Asked by Steve Wray on December 11, 2017
A: Hi Steve, Yes, you will need the XL to fit your Petmate Navigator. Thank you, Briana

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