Mud River Fitted Shotgun Seat Cover


  • Constructed of a single brushed suede with non-slip backing
  • Two adjustable straps tighten around back of seat to secure cover
  • Two adjustable straps located at bottom of seat cover run underneath seat and fasten at cover side to keep cover in place
  • One anchor on backside of seat cover tucks into the seat seam to provide additional security
  • 29″ x 62″ (L x H)
  • Machine washable
  • Assembly & Washing Instructions

Residents of California – Proposition 65 WARNING

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Q: Are these compatible with seat cushion airbags such as those found on a 2018 Subaru Outback?
— Asked by Allen Lea on September 5, 2018
A: Allen I am pretty confident in saying if an airbag deployed under or behind one of our seat covers the force of the airbag would break the webbing straps or cause the plastic fastex buckle holding the cover in place to come un-clipped. I do not believe there is anyway possible that the seat cover would restrain the airbag from deploying.
— http://Customer%20Service
Q: Are there straps that hold the bottom of the seat cover in place?
— Asked by Jack Haye on September 5, 2018
A: Jack, As shown in the picture above, there is a strap that is placed at the bottom of the back part of the seat but there is not a strap holding down the seat portion of the cover.
— http://Customer%20Service
Q: what color are these offered in?
— Asked by Dan English on October 11, 2019
A: Dan, These are only offered in grey. Thanks, Lori
— http://Customer%20Service

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