Boyt Harness Waxed Cotton Upland Vest with Mesh Back

2.33 out of 5
(3 customer reviews)


  • 100% waxed cotton
  • Two large bellows pockets
  • Inside zippered security pocket
  • Nylon zipper
  • Front and rear entry blood proof game bag
  • Poly mesh
  • Back game bag unzips for easy cleaning

Residents of California – Proposition 65 WARNING


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M, L, XL, 2XL

3 reviews for Boyt Harness Waxed Cotton Upland Vest with Mesh Back

  1. 3 out of 5

    Philip Levkanich

    Recently purchased the Waxed Upland Vest, after being informed that the original Upland Vest which I have hunted with the last 15 or more years had (unfortunately been updated & supposedly improved upon)! Well after using the new Vest for the last month for Grouse & Preserve Pheasant Hunting in upstate NY I can honestly say that your past Vest was the model your firm should have followed w/ only minor improvements (I say minor as the Vest was near perfect as it was) And what your Company has done was totally revamp a very fine article of Hunting Clothing that could only have used minor tweaks instead of a complete Overhaul – The zipper equipment pockets located behind the shell pockets were not only roomy & great for cloves, bird knife, water bottles, fruit or a lunch but well concealed and did not create any real bulk, nor probably not nearly as expensive to make! The new added pockets behind the shell pockets are neither as roomy or carry as much gear and create a bulkiness and I fear added expense for less practicality I’m sure. Thank goodness the hand warmer pockets behind the shell pocket areas was retained, but most likely due to the expense (as well as uselessness of said added pockets, No warming material has been conveniently stitched to the back of the hand as in the original vest pockets but now is left as a cold to the hand nylon material that retains moisture & only adds to a cold touch to already cold hands! Finally, the Waxed heavier Cloth in corporated in the Vest is like that more appropriately used in full winter hunting coats not an early to mid season
    Vest needed for the lighter practicality of Early season Grouse, Quail, Wood Cock or even Dove season in those States that allow such
    Hunting. Consequently this Vest wears like a coat w/ it’s bulkiness & weight. So by retaining the pluses of the original vest as stated above as well as the few well thought out ideas of this new Vest namely the mesh
    cloth interior (great for ventilation & reducing weight & bulk), the added license loops incorporated high up in the neck line preventing branches & brambles from snatching at your license. The increase of hunter orange in what appears to be a much sturdier 10X cloth to better shed thorns & brambles as well as light moisture due to a light rain or snow often incountered in early season? Finally, I would be the first to agree the original vest material was a little on the light side for the wear & tear this type of equipment needs to endure on a daily basis (Although I am only reluctantly retireing my original Boyt Vest – after some 12 to 15 years of steady Upland Grouse Hunting As the shell pockets have been patched to the point that shells sometimes disappear? So a well researched lighter Waxed Canvas or Cotton material being used as on the areas of this latest Vest would I think Serve what I believe many of your original devote Upland bird hunting customers believed to be the most practical vest they’ve ever owned! I know I sure do & I’d even reluctantly give up on the original clip buttons and learn to love the newer magnetic closures instead!
    An old Lefever collector & Hunter for the last 55 years,
    Thanks for listening…
    PS: and Oh yeh could you also please make the inside glasses pocket just a little bit wider. Thanks Again,

  2. 3 out of 5

    Gordon Taylor

    I purchased my original Boyt vest more than ten years ago and it was the best vest I have ever owned. But it is getting worn, and I needed a new one. I was disappointed to find out that the original version is no longer offered, so I reluctantly bought the new “improved” version. It is not an improvement, and I am not a fan of the double pockets. Plus I miss the upper zipper pockets that were on the original. That being said, this is still a well built vest

  3. 1 out of 5

    Philip Levkanich

    Well, it’s been two years now since I wrote my review of said Newly designed Boyt Hunting Vest. The negatives as I pointed out far out numbered the resulting improvements of this newly designed vest (over the excellently designed (much better) older 15-20 yrs.
    Now After not only having been ignored but using this newly designed vest (not) – magnets did not only not meet there intended purpose but heavier & less ply able material has given way to the Brambles of heavy Grouse cover & have been lost & now serve no purpose @ All! And the bulging double pockets now contribute to the lost articles: Shells, gloves, hunting knife as well, a great pair of Zeizz Competition shooting glasses! That these poorly designed dilapidated pockets can no long store or protect… looks as though Corporate America has won over again, not listening to it’s valued Constituents & just plowing along w/ unproven designs that must work better (but just never seem to at all – good old Change for the sake of change? Well, I guess I should have listened to Lee Wulff the Famous American Salmon Angler : “If you do find something that is truly a great buy, buy a Dozen of Em“ cause they surely will redesign said article for something Far Better… Oh, hindsight and I’ll be looking to Orvis or LL Bean for traditional improved garments that stand the test of Time & Gritty Grouse & Woodcock Cover! So long Boyt…

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Q: Does this vest have a pocket for a pad?
— Asked by Jason Luby on December 16, 2018
A: Jason, This vest does not have a pocket for a pad. Thanks Lori
— http://Customer%20Service
Q: Is this vest Made in USA ?
— Asked by John H. on November 6, 2019
A: John, This vest is made overseas. Thank you, Lori
— http://Customer%20Service

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