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Thanks from Our President

You know, it’s not often I’m forced to stay inside during the hunting season, but Thanksgiving is one of those days.

Sometimes I feel cooped up during this holiday, getting in the car, traveling to my family gatherings, and sitting at the table while I try my best to eat a bird, instead of chasing some around behind my dogs.

But it’s exactly in this moment I appreciate the good people I have around me. I love my family, and I’ve been fortunate to grow up in one that values the experience of getting outdoors. I’m thankful for the fact I get to hunt for days at a time, practicing the skills my father taught me, and his father taught him.

I’m also thankful for you. Without you, our company wouldn’t be able to make the gear we make so well. We take pride in our work every day, and couldn’t imagine any other way of life.

So this Thanksgiving weekend, take 20% off our entire site. And we’ll ship it to you free of charge.

Whether you’re out there remembering trips from your childhood, or teaching the next generation, we’re proud to be out there with you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Until next time,
Tony Caligiuri



Valid 11/25/15 to 11/30/15