Frequently Asked Questions

• How to clean your Mud River Dog Products:
Spray or hose off and lay out flat to dry. It is NEVER recommended to put the products in the washer or dryer.

• How to measure your crate for a Dixie cover/ what size Dixie cover will fit my crate?
No need for measurements! We’ve done the research. Find your crate to see what size Dixie cover coordinates. If you cannot locate your crate please shoot us an email and we will be glad to help! CLICK HERE FOR BRANDS.

• What is the best/easiest way to get the Dixie cover on your crate?
Our first word of advice is patience, putting the cover on your crate is much like putting on a pair of freshly dried jeans, slow, steady, and a little tight!

      1.  Put the crate on end with the door facing the ground.

      2.  Get your cover out, separated, and unzipped –push out both sides left to right and top to bottom.

      3.  Put the door of the cover on the back of the crate ( sticking up in the air) and start to slowly pull down both sides of the cover on both sides of the crate—try to do this as evenly as possible- a little on each side at a time.

      4.  Keep repeating STEP 3

      5.  Once you have the cover down to the floor (or the door of the crate). Pick up the crate and place on its true bottom. You should be able to secure the door straps and your cover should be on!

      Remember: The cover is supposed to fit tightly BUT if you cannot get the cover to go on your crate forcing it may cause the bottom fabric to rip. (This means you need a larger size Dixie Cover.)

• About how much warmer will the Dixie cover keep the inside of the crate?
Typically the Dixie Cover will keep the inside of the crate anywhere between 25-40 degrees warmer than the outside air temperature. This depends on a few factors:  the size of your dog/ if your dog has been in the field working (the temp inside will be higher than normal) / if you have the windows attached / if the door is rolled up and secured or down.

• Is the kennel cover waterproof?
The Dixie Cover is NOT waterproof but the material is naturally water resistant. If the cover was 100% waterproof you would run the risk of suffocating your dog inside the crate. If you would like additional water resistance / protection you can Scotch Guard the cover before using it every season or once a year.

• Is the Dixie Kennel Cover made to fit a certain brand crate / kennel?
The Dixie Kennel Cover was made to fit all major manufactured plastic crates/ kennels. There is not a particular brand that the cover was designed to fit.

• Does bombproof mean chew proof?
Unfortunately no dog product is chew proof. Although many claim to be chew proof, a determined and hyped up dog can and will chew through anything  (especially if it is between him and his owner or him and the hunt).  We have all had it happen. Your little bundle of joy ends up chewing a very new and expensive piece of your gear to shreds only days after you received it… the products we market as “bombproof” are well built and tough enough to stand the TYPICAL wear and tear of a hunting dog and their owner but not their chewing phase or habit.

• Do Mud River Products Come with a Warranty?
Mud River Dog Products honors a 1 year warranty on all products against manufacturer defects. If you have a question regarding your product or warranty please contact us. For returns or repairs please call customer service at 1-800-550-2698, 641-342-6773 or email to obtain a Return Authorization number (RA#).

 Will the Dixie/ Bedford kennel cover(s) fade ?
The Dixie/ Bedford kennel cover material will fade over time if left in direct sunlight or out in the elements. This does not affect the functionality of the cover and is not a manufacturer defect.

Have a question? Please contact us.